An idea how to discover the nightlife of München

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Almost every Wednesday I visit an event organized by the Facebook group – Munich – International friends. The event is called “The round table” and the main goal is to meet and socialize with new people. Most of the people on this event are foreigners and the common language is English, so it’s really good for non German speakers.

Before 3 weeks I went to the event after work and I wasn’t in mood to communicate and to socialize, because I had busy work day. For my good I met one of the most active group members, who was offering decks with special cards. The cards actually were free passes or free drink vouchers for different night clubs in München. You can check this website for more information – Initially I didn’t welcome the idea and even didn’t want to look at the cards, but later I change my mind. I got the idea to get one deck and later (when I am bored), from time to time to pull a card and to visit a club, which I would visit for first time.

The good thing is that most of the night clubs are around the city center and even some of them are in my neighborhood. I also think to write a followup post of this experience when finish. I feel a bit bored lately, but this definitely will help me to discover München and to find more new people.

So during the next 6 weeks I will visit all of these clubs in random order:

  • Wasserpark bar
  • Tor Club
  • Titty Twister
  • Temple Bar
  • Shamrock
  • Palais
  • Padres
  • NY.Club
  • Neuraum
  • Nachtgalerie
  • Minibar
  • Milchbar
  • Living4
  • Kirr Royal
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Harry Klein
  • Gecko
  • Eden Bar
  • Crash
  • Cord Club
  • Cocktailhouse
  • Backstage

Your thoughts / questions?

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