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Really busy 3 weeks for me. I had no day off, even in the weekend I worked hard, some sleepless nights, but found time to prepare something for the 1 – st birth day of domain name ceckoslab.com ( That’s the way to enjoy Palma de Mallorca ) 😛

Let me summarize what happened in the past year:


Thanks to @tomislavbilic who reminded me, that I don’t have favicon.
@ceckoslab has faviconless website :) ;P

Page Rank:

Interesting but somehow my page rank is 3. Actually I don’t do nothing about SEO, but seem that some websites with height page rank are linking me …


I have totally 11 post for one year. Average one post per month. Hmm… seems that I need to write more. I just took a look at my content and found, that I have not enough articles with technical content ( too much philosophy like in Is Magento for you? ), so this is something that I will work on next months. I really like to write detailed, to show examples and if it is possible to wrap the example code in Magento extension. Actually I keep all my ideas for articles in TO DO list and promise when I have free time to start to exclude them one by one.

I have listed totally 7 recommendations, but there are some clients who are waiting to satisfy them. I think to give them a change to write something about me. 😛

I have not so much comments, but I am happy, that some of them are serious and follow the topic, another are funny like “LOL” on Magento: Sucks Test – An exercise for optimists! 😉


Take a look at next image. This is the visits statistic for past year. You should see some jumps there … thanks to @Inchoo folks who mentioned me a couple of times in twitter and I got some traffic.

Behind the scene:

Probably while you were reading this article you found, that I am not native English speaker. I decided to treat my blog as serious initiative and decided to invest some money and to turn to the services of professional translator. Special Thanks to Stefan Stefanov, because most of the content is translated or corrected by him.

Time to go:

I know, that the content is the most important thing, but decided to make small present to my blog. Enjoy the new skin :) Thank you Pixel Ninja!

That is it from me, I am jumping on the keyboard, because some clients are waiting on the line!

Cheers, Chin Chin, Salud, Будьте Здоровы, Наздраве!!!

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Tsvetan Stoychev

Tsvetan aka. Cecko is the founder of Cecko's Lab. He is Magento addicted since Magento CE and has worked on over 30 Magento projects. At the moment he is in charge to take care about the money flow of the company, to keep constant communication with the clients and to keep the people in the office busy.

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