Magento: Sucks Test – An exercise for optimists!

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This article does not claim that Magento is no good, in fact it works perfectly for me, but I just wouldn’t use it for every project I am doing. The choice of an e-commerce platform is serious business and you should have already examined a couple of platforms before you can say which one is the best for you.

I recommend you to read Is Magento for you? too.

A Magento Story

A while ago, I had a discussion with Stefan (one of my colleagues at the office) regarding the platform to choose in order to start a project. One of the questions was whether Magento would do the job.

I sketched the possibilities Magento gave and we decided to run a few tests the next day.

The “next day” arrived. I walked into the office. Stefan was already there and he looked as if he’d began the tests… at least he was trying to begin. I said the normal things: “Good day! How’s it going…?“

Stefan: “Hi. I am having a problem with Magento. I can’t install it. It hangs at one of the first steps of the installation process. Have you been in such a situation before?”

Me: “No. First time I hear about such a problem.”

15 minutes later the problem was resolved but Stefan seemed disappointed of his first encounter with Magento.

The problem we had is reviewed in the “Domain Name with no dots” section in the following article: Fixing Magento Login Problem after a Fresh Installation

Finally, we went for another platform. We estimated that Magento indeed gives us a lot but also takes a lot.

Stefan asked me this question: “Have you ever tried Googling ‘Magento Sucks’?” It seems he had.

I hadn’t, but only a minute later I was browsing articles about this.

If you’ve decided to do your own ‘Magento Sucks’ research, you should check out the following links. Also, have a look at the comments under the articles in order to find out what the people like and what they hate about Magento.

Here’s a curious thing:

I recently did a research on the e-commerce platform Tomatocart. So I thought I should try searching Google for: “tomatocart sucks”. Guess what… the first page of the results had a link to an article with the title ‘Magento Sucks’.

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