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About 8 months ago I “married” Magento and the Bulgarian electronic payments system ePay.bg.

Download from GitHub: ePay BG extension for Magento

Let me begin by mentioning the things that have made a good impression on me:

  1. The system works well and people are successfully using it to pay their utility bills, to do some online shopping and so on.
  2. The time needed for the ePay.bg support team to respond to my inquiries was under 5 minutes. The answers were adequate, comprehensive and written in a high style.

I would like to thank Svilen Stoyanov from http://creativeweb.bg who ordered the project and who permitted the free distribution of the product, and Saiman, on whose blog http://saiman.thefreeart.com I found details about and explanations of ePay.bg’s API.

Some criticism:

I would have completed the module project months earlier had I not been confronted by the red tape machine (I do not know if that was ePay.bg or state-imposed legislation), but after communicating with the ePay.bg support team, it turned out that in order to use their API for testing purposes, I needed to be a registered merchant in their system, which meant I had to establish my own company.

Hmm… I got slightly confused here.
I am a developer, ain’t I?

Nevertheless, according to ePay.bg I had to register my own company, then register a store inside their system and all this just to be able to develop a module.

Hmm… I’m smelling something burning here!

Anyway, Svilen Stoyanov made available to me all the required data and a testing environment, so that I could start working.

Well, you can see the result yourself :)

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Tsvetan Stoychev

Tsvetan aka. Cecko is the founder of Cecko's Lab. He is Magento addicted since Magento CE and has worked on over 30 Magento projects. At the moment he is in charge to take care about the money flow of the company, to keep constant communication with the clients and to keep the people in the office busy.

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  • Ibalabanov


    S magento sum i ne moje da se instalira prez magento connect. Ot niakude moje li da se drupne arhiva i da se kachi ruchno?


  • Anonymous

    @8ae16afcc563c3eb195c668074c3a3dc:disqus Did you try to go to “Release Notes” and to use the extension key of last available release? Anyway if you want to download the extension manually use: connect.magentocommerce.com/community/get/ePay_BG-2.0.1.tgz after downloading you can use install the module by file upload from Magento Connect Managert.

    @twitter-333509669:disqus Thanks :)

  • Odie

    Is this still available or perhaps you got an updated version?