Pay rate raise as result of being honest with my clients

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During my period of running own business I had my good and bad moments. Clients were coming and going, there were months of good income and months of bad income. Somehow I was balancing for 2 years and I was constantly looking for the client who can support me with stable income in long term.

For about 8 months I had this client and it was real pleasure to work with him. The beginning was a bit hard. First I worked directly with him, but as he was a CEO of middle-size company and he was really busy he had to delegate the communication with me to another person called Mr. X. We had huge communication issues with Mr. X and I had to escalate this. Then the CEO delegated the communication to another person from his company and we were able to really start do work, because we were good match with my new point of contact.

Both companies had to do some small compromises in benefit of the business relationship and of course to get the job done. I also have to say that the client was really satisfied, because we were able to solve some problems that were blockers for his business. In other words, he was impressed of our skills and capabilities. I like to put excerpt of my email communication with this client. Basically after being honest and transparent with him I managed to get an increase for my company. I will name the client – Mr. Director.

The Director:

Hi Tsvetan,

happy New Year to you and your family and I’m very happy to work with you 😉

One question I have anyway: how can we speed up the work for THE PROJECT?


Hello Mr. Director,

Happy new year to you as well! I hope that you will have a great party tonight.

My thoughts about your question:

Obviously there is a delay with the recent task and I am going to explain how the situation looks from our end.

There are 3 factors that according to me slow the work process:

  1. We are not fully dedicated team ( For example we can’t work only on THE PROJECT for the whole month )
  2. We are trying to resolve the issues with height priority and sometimes we wait for somebody from YOUR COMPANY to approve that the task was done. While we are waiting we don’t work on the issues with low priority, because we expect to hear somebody from YOUR COMPANY in any moment.
  3. While we work for YOUR COMPANY we have to work for other clients, because hourly rate of 1 APPLE is not enough to cover the monthly expenses. Even if we work 160 hours for YOUR COMPANY it’s not possible to cover the monthly expenses. That makes 160 APPLES if we work for the whole moth for YOUR COMPANY. I found that we need about 270 APPLES to keep the team happy and to have a chance to grow my company. That’s why we work for another companies on rates from 2 APPLES per hour.

I think that the delay comes from our side, because we haven’t arranged conditions which work well for both sides. It looks like we have organization problems, because of the fact that we have to switch so often between different projects and tasks, so there is a delay while we are switching the tasks.

Not sure what is best for YOUR COMPANY, but may be reconsidering the conditions or finding another company, which will work effectively on rate of 1 APPLE will be best for YOUR COMPANY.

Please let me know what you think, so we can resolve this shortly.

Have a good night and wish you all the best in the coming 2013.

The Director:

Do you think 2 APPLES per hour is better and more fair?

Kind regards


Hello Mr. Director,

Thanks for the quick response!

Thant would be good for the business from my side and will give a chance to keep better focus on YOUR COMPANY’s related tasks.

I like to discuss this with my team first.

Do you agree to discuss this tomorrow or in the next days, because I have to go out for the new year party.

Party hard!

The Director:

That’s fine with me. Let’s hope we have a much improved efficiency next year!

Your thoughts / questions?

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Tsvetan Stoychev

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