Dating: Getting more comfortable with the rejection

About 2 months ago I decided to do something unusual for me and to go out from my comfort zone. As I mentioned in some of the previous posts I’ve started self-improvement journey and one of my goals is to improve my relationships with the females. I’ve read some books about dating and rising the self-esteem and what I really liked in those books was the idea of not to do “black magic” (aka. try to trick the girls, operate from false confidence or just lie to get laid). The message in the books was to get better person in order to get better relationships with family, friends, co-workers and love partners. Another message was to be more conscious, to be self-aware, to operate from true confidence, to draw strong personal and professional boundaries, to not try to manipulate and to not accept manipulation.

So what was this unusual thing that I started the previous paragraph with? Well, I decided to try to approach constantly women that I like. The idea was not to approach any woman that I meet, but to do it with women that I really desire. The point in all this story was to test and overcome my approaching anxiety. As side effect of this experiment I could find a partner, so I really had the mindset if the things work out, then to develop a relationship. I also wanted to do this experiment in decent way, so if in case I got a date, then to stop the experiment ( call me serial dater ).

But from where I got this idea? I’ve read the book of Mark Manson – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty. In his book, Mark suggests some really cool things that fit with my values. Something that he writes is if you want to have amazing and honest partner, then become amazing and honest person. He shares that he had serious approach anxiety and he suggest to try to do the experiment to approach women by doing “baby steps” in order to get comfortable with the anxiety. For example one day say hello to unknown woman, another day try to have conversation with unknown woman, go to club and talk to women (if the things develop well then go on a date) and etc.
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From the archives: Osijek Software City hackathon – April 2012

Today, while I was browsing YouTube, accidentally I stumbled upon a video from April 2012. The video was from hackathon organised by Osijek Software City and the main character was me. I totally forgot about the great time that I had back in 2012 and watching this video again made my day.

Also I can’t miss to say “thanks” to my friends from Inchoo, who invited me to attend to this event. I remember that the trip from Bulgaria to Osijek was long and I felt very tired, but definitely it was worthy. I met new people at the hackathon and I had some great personal and technical conversations. As a matter of fact at this event I met my friend Vedran Subotic, who after 2 years “opened the door” for my moving to München, Germany.

On the hackathon I had to work alone, because most of the attendees had teams and the attendees who were alone were too far from my professional expertise. I wanted to do something with Magento, but the possible team members were good at C#.
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An idea how to discover the nightlife of München

Almost every Wednesday I visit an event organized by the Facebook group – Munich – International friends. The event is called “The round table” and the main goal is to meet and socialize with new people. Most of the people on this event are foreigners and the common language is English, so it’s really good for non German speakers.

Before 3 weeks I went to the event after work and I wasn’t in mood to communicate and to socialize, because I had busy work day. For my good I met one of the most active group members, who was offering decks with special cards. The cards actually were free passes or free drink vouchers for different night clubs in München. You can check this website for more information – Initially I didn’t welcome the idea and even didn’t want to look at the cards, but later I change my mind. I got the idea to get one deck and later (when I am bored), from time to time to pull a card and to visit a club, which I would visit for first time.
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Dating: No means No, so step back – an excerpt of rejection texting ping-pong

During the last 3 weeks I was dating with Sara – very cute girl from UK. I really liked her physically and I think that there was a good personality behind the “mask”. I was really optimistic that the dating could develop to relationship, but unfortunately she had her own preferences and before a couple of days she decided to stop dating with me.

This story provoked me to make some conclusions and to measure how I am dealing with the rejection. Of course when I got rejected I didn’t feel good, as a matter of fact I had “bitter taste” mood for 2 – 3 days. I am actually really happy, how I handled this rejection, because “My Old Self” would feel the bitter taste for weeks. I also got the offer “let’s just be friends”, but this time I was different … sorry ladies, but I don’t want to lurk around you and to watch how the other guys approach you and you are flirt / date with them. I prefer to focus my energy somewhere else and not to be a part of the “HAREM”. Been there, done that!
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Self-improvement: It’s totally ok NOT to chase recently separated / in breakup folks

Before 2 years ago I experienced my “enough moment”, epiphany relationship, “wake up call” … you name it. This was the boiling point for me and I have hit the emotional bottom. This story provoked me to take the path of the self-improvement. I closed myself in my shell for about an year and made an audit of my relationships, attitude, behaviour, goals, dreams and etc. I got more connected with myself. I also reviewed my past mistakes and was thinking about the situations when somebody was hurt by me. I’ve hit the books and the blogs for self-improvement as well.

I managed to rise my self-esteem and this contributed for my personal and professional development. I also started to do more healthy choices on the “dating market”. I read a lot about emotional unavailability, people pleasing, “Nice Guy” syndrome and etc, so after a while I started to notice some things and to cut off on time if the potential partner was not “healthy”.
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Pay rate raise as result of being honest with my clients

During my period of running own business I had my good and bad moments. Clients were coming and going, there were months of good income and months of bad income. Somehow I was balancing for 2 years and I was constantly looking for the client who can support me with stable income in long term.

For about 8 months I had this client and it was real pleasure to work with him. The beginning was a bit hard. First I worked directly with him, but as he was a CEO of middle-size company and he was really busy he had to delegate the communication with me to another person called Mr. X. We had huge communication issues with Mr. X and I had to escalate this. Then the CEO delegated the communication to another person from his company and we were able to really start do work, because we were good match with my new point of contact.

Both companies had to do some small compromises in benefit of the business relationship and of course to get the job done. I also have to say that the client was really satisfied, because we were able to solve some problems that were blockers for his business. In other words, he was impressed of our skills and capabilities. I like to put excerpt of my email communication with this client. Basically after being honest and transparent with him I managed to get an increase for my company. I will name the client – Mr. Director.
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Open letter to 2 Magento frontend developers

Good morning P. and P.

As we we couldn’t catchup yesterday and I couldn’t feed you with proper feedback, then I promised to write you an open letter with all the points that I wanted to discuss.

First of all thanks for the git pull request and giving me the chance to review your code. I have to say that in general I am quite impressed. You managed to “draw the line” where is the scope your work and you properly marked the places inside the templates where the backend team have to step in. The idea with the TODOs and the timestamp was really original. This will make the things for us much more easier in the near future, when we will replace your static texts with our data getters.

There was something specific for your pull request. It contained many commits and it was representing your work from the last weeks. I noticed some small issues that were repeated in different template files.
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Magento: SQL query that lists all orders that have more than one invoice

Recently a friend developer, who is new to Magento, have asked me: “How can I find all orders that have more than one invoice?”. The accounting department of his company have found that they have more than 1 invoice for some orders, but according to the company’s business rules, they must have exactly 1 invoice per order.

I offered my help and managed to write very simple query that could help him.

Sql query that list all orders that have more than 1 invoice:

SELECT sales_flat_order.*, COUNT(sales_flat_invoice.order_id)
	FROM sales_flat_order, sales_flat_invoice
	WHERE sales_flat_order.entity_id = sales_flat_invoice.order_id
	GROUP BY sales_flat_invoice.order_id HAVING COUNT(*) > 1;

Hope that this helps to somebody else!

Your thoughts / questions?

Magento: Tips and tricks how to test Unirgy Dropship module with EcomDev_PHPUnit

A couple of months ago I had really interesting and crucial task. I had to code automated process that creates Unirgy_DropshipPo purchase orders ( Unirgy_DropshipPo_Model_Po objects ). Because the task had very high business value and everything had to work flawlessly, I decided to invest more energy and time in order to write good test coverage with phpunit. I also knew that I need tests, because there was a big chance my code to be modified in the next weeks, because of the busyness dynamics. I decided to “step” on something that I already knew how to utilize – EcomDev_PHPUnit ( Thank you Ivan Chepurnyi ).

Initially my idea was to use EcomDev_PHPUnit only as unit testing tool and to test functions in isolation, but on late stage of the development I found that it will be event better if I use EcomDev_PHPUnit to test different branches of my algorithm.

During the development phase I had 3 main technical challenges:

  1. Unknown / Uuexpected behaviour of Unirgy Dropship
  2. Collecting fixtures data in order to simulate test cases close to production environment
  3. Querying the database in order to prove that entities were modified or created ( Purchase order, credit memos and etc. )

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